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The Path to Becoming a Top Consultant

  • Increased added value for clients
  • Significantly more revenue
  • Greater client appreciation
  • More time for yourself and your family
  • Less stress
  • More clients

The ultimate Consultant Talent Forge

What characterizes consulting success? Revenue? Profit? Yes, but there’s also more. Namely, the three factors time, money and contacts. Best case, they create a virtuous circle – you have enough freely assignable time and use it cleverly to generate a continuously increasing number of contacts that lead to ever more profitable projects, that in turn generate more time for yourself. What many of us, however, experience is more of a vicious circle – too little time results in an ever-decreasing number of contacts that in turn leads to not enough engagements, thus putting us under pressure, and so on. We often spend years running hard just to stand still. In terms of revenue, personal development, and our own freedoms. I help consultants around the world to reinvent themselves, working on issues such as the business model, value based fees, or developing the right attitudes. My workshop, seminars, and mentoring program focus on essential basics!




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